For work and for fun!

Whether you're trying to come up with a new business org chart or building a happy birthday flyer, Publisher Star helps you get the job done!

Beautiful fonts and icons

Dozens of text styles. Beautiful icons and font ornaments.

Hundreds of colors

Be bold. Be creative. Mix and match hundreds of gorgeous colors and shades.

Simple touch gestures

All the editing features will come to you naturally. Resize and rotate with simple touch gestures. Easily apply special effects such as shadows and reflections.

Resize and rotate

Easily resizes and rotates text boxes, shapes and photos

Simple duplicate

Efficiently reuse parts of existing work by quickly duplicating selected elements. Choose to duplicate a single object, or batch duplicate groups of objects.

Work in a team

Saves in native publisherstar format, email your file to friends and co-workers, and they can pick up and continue your edits exactly where you left off.

Share your work

Publishes into PDF Document format. Exports into JPG and PNG image format.


Sync designs to Dropbox. Share on the web with a Dropbox share-able URL (auto generated right from the app!)

Twitter and Email

Post design to Twitter (with one tap of a button straight from the app!) Emails design to co-workers for team share and collaborative editing.

Taps and swipes

Arrange object layouts with taps and swipes. Multiple layering with full freeform layouts.

Special effects

Professional special effects include grogeous shadows, image reflections, opacity adjustments and more.

Save and Print

Built in support for Air print allows for simple and quick review of your work on paper. Each design can be saved directly into iPad's photo album in full resolution.

Integrated with Dropbox

Intantly generate a web share-able link through Dropbox, make it super simple to share your work on various social media networks.
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