Melanie's top 5 questions and answers
Hello everyone, my name is Melanie, I am Aidaluu Development Team's official customer support rep.

I will be maintaining this list of top 5 most frequently asked questions about the Publisher Star App:

1. Can I create and edit while I'm offline?
Absolutely, Publisher Star HD is designed with a fully functional editor. You will be able to create, update and save all your work while you are offline. Internet connection is only required if you wish to share your work through email or share publicly on social media such as Twitter (auto integrated into the App, of course)

2. I work in a team, is it possible to share my half finished flyer with a different person, so they can continue to work on their iPad?
One of the best features about Publisher Star is the ability to share what we call "fully editable documents" between different iPads and iPad minis. You can easily save your work in our native "publisherstar" format. Of course, you may also distribute finalized work in PDF, PNG or JPEG format.

3. Is there a trial version?
Not at this time. Should you have any questions about this App not meeting your needs, all of Aidaluu's apps follow the standard Apple App Store refund policy. Our support team is also here to help with troubleshooting questions.

4. Is there a Mac edition?
Yes! Publisher Star HD is now available for both iPad and Mac.

5. Does this App come with templates?
This App is bundled with lots of professionally designed templates! You will be able to pick and start designing cards, flyers and other types of graphical documents in seconds!